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When it comes to indoor air quality of Dallas area homes, there are a variety of devices to keep you and your family comfortable while adding value to your furnace and air conditioner.

From the standard 1 inch filter to the Accuclean, air purification is not only important to your breathing in foreign air particulates to causing reduction in air flow and equipment efficiency.

Remember, most any filter is better than no filter! Just be sure you don’t over-filter (more on that in another post).

Today’s air purification options are better than ever. Technology now allows you the ability to achieve whole house filtration with your air conditioning and heating system. These whole-house filtration systems can filter small spores and duct air particulates that cause damage to health, equipment and efficiency of air conditioning and heating unit operation.

The Accuclean from Carrier provides a filtration mechanism that guarantees to keep the system’s evaporator coil clean. The manufacturer also backs up a warranty claim to clean the evaporator coil at their cost when installed and maintained properly.

Humidity levels also play an important part in whole home comfort in the summer and winter.

The humidifier is an also an important element of the HVAC system in your Dallas area home, especially during the heating months. An overly dry home can create problems.

Whole House Humidifier for Indoor Air Quality

Ever notice the bare wood trim in your house shrinking away from the walls?

Furniture, some wood flooring, paneling, and even tables that are not completely sealed will shrink and dry out if the humidity levels in your home are too low.

While the humidifier is an important part of your HVAC system and helps put moisture back into the house, you must maintain and check yearly. The water conditions in the Dallas area are very corrosive and high in mineral content which can cause drains to back up. For this reason, a safety drain pan should be under humidifiers that are located in areas where household items can be ruined.

Note: Verify pan drains properly.

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