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We frequently see Dallas area air conditioning and heating systems designed by someone who obviously has never had to service them. Placement of the indoor air conditioning and heating unit in very hard-to-access locations such as at the far end of a minuscule attic behind a forest of trusses means that the system is very unlikely to receive the periodic inspection and maintenance it needs.

Units located in tight closets should, at minimum, be able to be removed from the closest without having to take the door from its hinges, remove the door frame or take out additional walls.

Filter access is also an important element for a well maintained air conditioning and heating system. It is best not to have pipes, framing boards, plywood or duct work in the way. Having these obstructions many times means that filters aren’t changed on a regular basis and the efficiency of your air conditioning system is reduced. It is even possible to cause costly damage to the AC unit by not keeping those filters clean.

HVAC units located in the attic to have access by clear walking path made of 3/4″ plywood to them. The air conditioning and heating units should have lighting near them, a reasonable amount of clearance around them and be able to be removed from the attic though an access hole.Clear access to heating and ac in attic

It is also required by code to have a safety drain pan to protect the areas below the attic from possible water damage.

Following these guidelines and codes helps homeowners in another way: It helps reduce the time it takes for your air conditioning repairman needs to access the repair work that needs to be done. By eliminating these obstacles to accessing the air conditioning and heating unit in your Dallas area home, repair and/or installation times can be cut dramatically, thus saving you money.

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