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Imagine being able to control the temperature settings of the air conditioning system in your Dallas area home while you’re at work, at lunch or waiting at a red light. With the new Honeywell 8000 digital thermostat, you can do just that.

Your air conditioning and heating system is one of the most energy consuming, thus dollar consuming, systems in your home. Having a method for taming that system is a great cost-saving option for Dallas area homeowners. All you need it WI-FI access at your home (if you’re a small business owner, you can also utilize this for the air conditioning and heating systems at your office), a mobile device with Internet access and a technician to install, wire and set up the system. A Bostech Serivces air conditioning technician will be happy to run you through the paces of the system so you’re comfortable with it. It’s really pretty easy.

There are several digital thermostat options available. At this point we recommend setting up your air conditioning system with the Honeywell 8000 for a few reasons:

Some digital thermostat models require a control box to be installed at the air handler or gas furnace. These models are wired and communicate with a wired thermostat. With this option there are no monthly fees.

Some of the other newer WI-FI models are plasma screen type thermostats that provide system data, weather and diagnostics interaction along with the ability to control from a smart device. However, Dallas homeowners will pay more for these digital thermostats as they have a monthly fee associated with there use. Also, these plasma screen devices are quite new and have some issues with their screens putting out heat. The adding heat can cause the air conditioning system to run more because of an incorrect higher temperature reading. To solve this, a remote sensor can be added to the thermostat. This will, however, add an additional cost to the thermostat system which will already run $350 – $1250 dollars plus monthly fees where applicable.

That’s why we say the Honeywell 8000 is a good value for keeping air conditioning costs as reasonable as possible. The Honeywell 8000 is touch screen controlled (no control box in your attic) with no hot screen problems or monthly fees. And the cost on the top end is around $400 installed.

The Honeywell 8000 means you control your air conditioning system by smart device wherever you are and save money in the long run.

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