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Look around the Dallas area and you’re sure to find air conditioning condenser units (part of the AC system that is outside) that have been improperly installed. The same holds true for Highland Park, University Park, Rockwall, Rowlett, Garland, wherever. Improperly installed and placed air conditioner condenser units will cost you money by adding stress to the unit, which ultimately leads to higher air conditioning electric usage and costs and likely buying a new air conditioning unit much sooner than necessary.

Take a look at our list of BAD air conditioner condenser placement so you can fix the problem if you already have it or keep the problem from occurring when you have a new AC system installed in your Dallas area home.

Here is a list of bad air conditioner condenser locations for your Dallas area home:

l. A unit that is lā€ or less away from a wall

2. A unit that is 4ā€ or less away from a second unit

3. A unit that is enclosed in a fence with a low overhang that allows air to be recirculated back to the unit

4. A unit positioned where a service technician can’t access the electrical components

5. A unit that is not sitting level or not on a proper pad
(The metal from the unit comes in Contact with the earth and will rust out the bottom of a condenser)

6. A unit that is on the edge of a roof

7. A unit that is on the roof with no ladder access to get to the unit to be serviced
(Code requires access to safely get to and from units)

8. A unit in a Cottonwood tree area or overgrown with shrubs, weeds, grass or vines

9. A group of 2 or more units that are together behind brick wall enclosure with 3″ or less between the units and less than a 12″ walk around

10. A unit in a garage or inside a building

11. A unit in a high traffic area

12. A unit sitting by a dryer vent
(Dryer lint coming from the vent will clog the coils)

13. A unit too close to a property easement
(This will cause a red tag by tour local city inspector)

13. A unit placed in or close to a dog run
(dog urine will eat right through metal and aluminum coils and shedding hair from dogs will clog coils)

The conditions cause additional wear and add cost to servicing, running efficiency, reliability and ultimately the air conditioning unit’s life cycle in the hot Texas summer. Some of these conditions will kill compressors and motors, which are costly to repair.

Some people don’t like the humming or noise that comes from outside condensers. To certain people having one located outside the bedroom window will cause sleepless nights. Some people don’t like them located where they will be entertaining on the back porch or other outside areas.

The distance from the inside unit to the condenser unit also makes a difference. A condenser that is too far away, usually 50ā€™ or more will reduce the unit’s capacity. A condenser that is 100ā€™ away from the indoor unit may not get enough oil back and cause compressor failure.

Bostech Services - AC Condenser distance to evaporator coil - Dallas

A good rule of thumb is to make sure the compressor is as closer to the indoor unit as possibleand to allow good access all around the unit to allow for inspection, air flow, and cleaning. Manufacturers all have requirements and clearance for Warranties.

Bostech Services - Properly Installing AC Condenser Unit Dallas

One final note: It is important to make sure the condenser matches the BTU capacity of your A-coil or it will not work properly.

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