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So you think your air conditioner in your Dallas home isn’t working and it’s going to cost a ton to get fixed. You may well be wrong. It could just be that you have damaged duct work, loose duct work or improperly run duct work.

Existing duct work with long flex runs of duct will lose a lot of air when they get over 25′ long or have too many 90′s and bends which restrict airflow.

Some connections of the duct work in the attic are done with triangle duct board boxes. These boxes are poor distributors of air. Some of these triangle boxes are fed from one and go to another triangle. They are split so many times that there is absolutely no airflow running through or out of the duct. A sheet metal duct ,”Y”, is a much better way of transferring and splitting air to other supply grilles. Also, on long duct runs it may be required to run metal ducting and insulate the exterior of the duct to get good airflow to long runs.

Other causes of poor airflow may be from the very AC servicemen you called to fix a problem. We have seen where many repair people crush ducts crawling over them. Great way to make more money for the less-than-honest HVAC repair company. Then there are areas that are tight areas in the attic where duct work is snaked through to access to another area of the house. This is another way ducts get crushed and no air flows through them.

Finally, insulation on ducts is very important. Any duct work in which the insulation has fallen off, has become loose, or not together will cause the attic heat to get to the cold supply and lessen the airflow temperature.

And don’t just look at the duct work coming from the AC Unit. Return duct work is very important. Having the right size return duct work allows the supplies to be fed properly. Without proper return air, you can have major, and costly issues, from damage to your outside AC Unit.

So, if you’re air conditioner isn’t cooling like you think it should be, schedule an air conditioning system inspection with Bostech Services. You may be surprised that it’s your air conditioning duct work and not the AC Unit.

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